So, I’m going to do the Playa Tri!

I’ve made the decision today to do the Playa Del Rey sprint distance triathlon on October 16, which is a daring 19 days away. That will give me approximately 16 days to train for it, because of the necessary training time taper for the last 2 days prior to the event. My second decision was to blog about it; I haven’t swam in the ocean since last November, and I haven’t swam at all in at least two (maybe three?) months, so this outta be interesting!

First, let me emphasize that NO ONE should do this. I mean, it is just a sprint, but ocean swimming in 60 degree temps is absolutely no joke. I trained for nine weeks for my last tri, considered myself over prepared, and still it was by no means a cake walk. I work out consistently; however, doing yoga, climbing stairs at the Venice Gold’s and participating in the somewhat infrequent spin class doesn’t exactly prepare you for the rigors of an endurance race, no matter the distance.

But the season is coming to a close, and I simply don’t want to end the year without having done a race. I started training way back April-ish for a race in San Diego in June, but Delilah, my 12 year old box/rott mix got very ill and passed away in May. It was such a devastating loss, that I simply could not find the motivation to do anything other than stay out with friends partying, because I didn’t want to come home to no Dee:( I also lost my very best friend at the exact same time…but that’s a different story for another blog.

So here I go. Today’s training thus far has included an 800 meter swim at the Culver City Plunge, which was a nice and cozy 79 degrees. After the first lap, I thought to myself, “yup, better not get into the ocean until next week!” In a couple of hours, I’ll do about a two to three mile run as fast as possible to focus on my speed. And my food has consisted of my usual staples: cream of rice and extra lean ground turkey for breakfast and lunch. Oh and three Otter Pops. I’m allowing myself three pops a day cause I’m addicted.

I’m on a mission to the do the race and not suck at it, because that whole “oh it’s just so great that you finished it,” mentality is really not my cup of tea.

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