The Final Coutdown

Yea so obviously I have to do better about blogging! It’s been about two weeks since my first blog, which means I’ve been training my bum off, literally.  The race is in two days, and I’m actually really excited.

The beginning was rough.  It’s easy to get discouraged, when you know you have a limited amount of time, and when you are competitive the way that I am and don’t want to just finish.  I understand the concept of trying something and being proud of putting forth the effort; but I want to do everything in my life in an exemplary fashion.  I genuinely don’t see the point otherwise. Of course that notion would lend it itself to the question of why I didn’t start prepping earlier, so that I could ensure my excellence.  Life got in the way.  So I’m here now doing my best to do my best.

My bike training, as always, has been fabulous.  I’m the strongest on the bike, probably because of how much I love it.  I rode three days in a row in Palos Verdes.  Palos Verdes offers stunning landscapes of the the ocean, cliffs, beaches and multi million dollar homes.  It’s also got incredible rolling hills, which are perfect for intense training.

I ran track in high school, so you would think running would not only come easy for me, but that I also might enjoy it a little more.  Right now I’m in a “do it cause you have to,” phase.  If I run ten minute miles in the race, I will be thrilled.  I simply haven’t been running the distances I should have been; I’m thankful that the course will be very flat!

I did my very first swim in the ocean last Saturday.  Brrrrr! Actually, it wasn’t quite as painful as I had anticipated.  I got in again Sunday and then took Monday off; Tuesday I attempted a swim all by my lonesome in Venice.  That didn’t pan out.  It was super foggy out and the beach was really errie; there was no one out really but me, and I basically freaked myself out.  The big bad ocean is a pretty scary place.  I saw four large fins in the water which scared me to death.  They of course turned out to be dolphins.  The swim session did not happen that day.  But I made it back in the water Wednesday for a less than stellar session; then turned in one last swim today, which was wonderful.

Today is supposed to be a rest day, but given my limited training time, I’m going full force.  I’ll run two good sessions tonight, and then take off Friday and Saturday to get some good rest.  Of course I’ll have a yummy carb meal Saturday night; I’m thinking pasta.  And something small Sunday morning.  I ran a race once after a huge bowl of Raisin Bran.  Not a good idea.

So, while you all are snuggly in your beds Sunday morning, I’ll be setting up my transition area at about 5:30a.m.  I’m hoping for calm water and no winds.  I just want to race as fast and as hard as my body will possibly let me and enjoy every second of accomplishing my goal.

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