I won! As I stare at my medal hanging on the wall, I’m thinking about how glad I am that I made the decision to do the race; well, that I made the decison and actually followed through!

I spent the Satruday before the race at a wedding and basically got no rest.  I didn’t practice my transistions until I got home, which was about 9pm that evening.  I ate a HUGE bowl of brown rice, got my things together and hit the bed about 10:15 pm.  My alarm went off at 4:50 a.m. and I felt fairly rested.  I bundled up to keep as warm as possbile before the swim, ate a bowl of cream of rice and headed to the race site.  I knew that I needed to stay hydrated, so I drank about six glasses of water before 6a.m. 

I arrived at the beach, found a good transition spot and got everything situated.  I evaluated the course and determined the swim seemed much longer than anticipated.  But I thought that at my last race too, so I hoped that was not the case. 

My wave was the fourth to start, and I kept telling myself that I didn’t want to the last one out of the water.  The siren sounded and we were off! The water didn’t seem cold, and I was able to get into a stroke right away.  There were many people behind me, so I was able to relax and enjoy it.  The worst part of the swim was actually pulling myself out of the water and running through the sand to get to my bike.  Once I made it, I thought, “let’s rock,” as the bike is by far my strongest discipline. 

Once on  my bike, I noticed right away that the cadence on my bike computer was working.  Ugghh! I use the cadence to guide when I should shift gears, so I had to bike the entire course by feel, which I hadn’t done before.  Other than that small glitch, I felt strong and fast, and passed several people in front of me on the course.

My least favorite leg of the race is the run, and I was definitely dreading it! Lucky for me, it was a very flat course.  I took the first half pretty slow and picked up the pace after the half way mark.  I felt like I couldn’t run any faster, but once I crossed the finished line, of course I thought, “I should have gone faster!”

Results were posted pretty soon after, and I was elated to have won my divison.  I got a medal and everything! I promised to wear it all day, which I did.  I little childish I know, but that medal got me seated in front of about 30 people at the Griddle in Hollywood.  I ate pumpkin pancakes with butterscotch chips and caramel for my victory breakfast.  Pancakes never tasted so good!

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