We are not hiding anything ladies!

A friend of mine recently commented on how she wanted to get some unwanted body hair removed before her boyfriend noticed. Which sounds like a reasonable thought, except for the fact that they have been together for a year! As she was telling me this, I was thinking that after that amount of time, I am quite sure he knows all about your body hair!

It also reminded me of similar situation when my boyfriend made some off handed comment about having seen every inch of my body. And for a moment, I went into a panic. I thought, “What? You have? When? How is that possible?”

You see ladies, apparently we are not being as clever as we thought. Laying in a certain way, wearing our best pjs, using certain lights in the room, these are tactics that are not fooling anyone.

So what’s the message? I think we need to focus on feeling confident rather than performing magic body tricks. Of course that’s easier said than done. But maybe while we are striving everyday for our personal ideal body, we can take some pleasure in the progress and exude some confidence along the way.

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