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Dancer/Production Coordinator                               Mark Anderson’s Party Train

Dancer/Acrobat /Spanish Web                                  “Imagine,” Luxor, Las Vegas

Choreographer                                                                   AIFA Arena Football

Dancer/model                                                                    Artec hair show

Dancer                                                                                    Toyota corporate party

Dancer                                                                                    Luxor, Ra nightclub

Dancer                                                                                    Cosmic Entertainment


FITNESS MODEL (limited list)

“40 Hottest Babes with Muscle”                                      Planet Muscle Magazine

“Waide a Minute”                                                                 Flex Magazine

“Class Acts”                                                                            Ironman Magazine

“Power Profiles”                                                                   Oxygen Magazine

Premier Nutrition                                                                Olympia Expo 2010

Egg Whites International                                                  Los Angeles Marathon


TwinLab                                                                                   GNC Franchise Show

VPX Sports                                                                             Fit Expo/Arnold Expo

Avia                                                                                           Supershow

Fry’s Electronics                                                                  Store grand openings

Burn-it Distributors                                                            Worldwide Nutrition



Elite Fitness Stretching:                                                   Certified Stretch Therapist

UT Knoxville/UNLV:                                                         B.S. Business Administration, Marketing

USA International Stunt School:                                  Graduate

The Dancers’ Studio:                                                         18 years tap, ballet, jazz, acrobatics training

Southern Association of Dance Masters:                 Licensed Dance Instructor



Professional Fitness Competitor